How perfectly my hand fits in yours.

How you seem so strong on the outside, but I can tell you are so sweet on the inside.

The way you say I love you.

How you are so interested in my life and what I am doing.

How you remember everything I say to you perfectly.

When you text me randomly (such a little thing but I love it).love-reasons

The way you make me feel after we make out for an hour.

How you tell me I look beautiful every time we see each other – despite how untrue I think it is.

How I put my head on your shoulder and you kiss my forehead gently.

How on that cold night, you lent me your hoodie.

How much you have passion for … me.

Your laugh.

Your smile.

How you always make fun of me – I secretly love it.

The way you make the butterflies in my stomach flutter every time I see your smile.

All these reasons and many more.


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