I Love…You

I love you, my Boyfriend, my Love. You have no idea how much I do.

I love the words you say. The moves you make. The way you hug me from behind. The way you kiss my lips. The way you talk about life and about us. The way you’re cool and calm. The way you’re silent, sitting there beside me, looking at me, making me wonder … how can silent presence speak so much without using words?

I like the way you give me that sexylove-the-way-you-talk smile and wink of yours. I love it when you touch me. And I love it when I touch you. I love protective you. I adore happy you. I love the safety in you. I love the easiness in you.

No one knows anything about you like me. Because the world doesn’t know. But I know. I know who you are.

You are a good man. You care. You love. You make my life, my future, my past even. You make ‘me’.

I want to make you happy


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