Googly-Eyed Love….

Sometimes I think I love my boyfriend too much. I am definitely infatuated with this man. He’s seen me at my best and he’s seen me at my worst, and yet, he still loves me. I love him even on his worse days… even when he doesn’t act himself I still feel him. Sure, we’ve had our annoyances with each other but who doesn’t. We’ve found that our differences are so minor that it doesn’t matter. I catch myself just looking at him sometimes because he is so damn handsome. He’s the coolest, I know it’s crazy I feel like a teenage girl, writing his name and drawing hearts, I dear god, I’ve lost it!. I always told myself – don’t go for the guy that gets me googly-eyed because inevitably I will lose all control.
Oh well, its too late. My heart is gone forever!googly-eyed-love1


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