Of Lost Love and Blogs

After creating this blog, I neglected it for so long that I forgot two crucial items.
1. What I named the blog.
2. How to find the blog.
My best friend Liz Gunderson and I discussed the calamity at length and came to a few conclusions. Losing a blog is like losing your love. To quote Liz, “If you’ve ever lost a blog you really care about, you know, it hurts, it hurts bad.” Thus I spew forth my emotions of the morning, a tale of me and my lost blog, my poor little blog, and the pain and anguish I have brought upon myself from neglecting to nourish and grow it these past year. When I had my blog, life was sunny and bright my heart was strong and my eyes full of light but when I lost it, I plunged into despair my heart shattered shards beyond repair. I shivered in the dark cold blizzard of isolation my fingers and toes lost all sensation even my pancreas, solar plexus, and spleen froze in the acrtic-y tundra-ish scene! Throw me some earmuffs! Throw me a hoodie! Help me find my blog, that would be good-ie! Ease my suffering, my burdens, my heavy plight! “Sharon’s Blog of Random Thought?”, hmmm, that sounds right! Thus we were reunited. Never again to part. The lesson: If you lose love or a blog, never fear. The days may be cold and you may drown in a flood of your own tears at night, but remember, it is better to have blogged and lost than never to have blogged at all.


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