Missing You

Missing you makes me realize just how much those heart felt, ultra-long and always so-special conversations mean to me.
I miss our funny, silly little stories that only we could understand.
I miss sitting on the sofa together and talking, just talking.
I miss when you hold my right hand and kiss it softly when you’re driving.
I miss laughing with you, when we’d discover things that we both thought were really funny.
I miss your texts “Smile because I love You”.
I miss your crazy ability getting every word in the JUMBLE right!.
I miss our coffee @ 1:20a.m.!
I miss your smile when you say Wrennie.
I miss our rides to the baseball field and looking up at the stars and you telling me that I own the moon.
And those three simple words that say so much, love-miss-youfeel so much.
What else can I say?
I really do.


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