The Scarlett Letter or being shun by your friends or worse society

Well as of today, there is still no definite answer of who did this.. but as I’ve researched there can never be a “one”, a “who” , a “person”.
Now that being said, I had to give up the pain I was reliving by the constant remembering of those hurtful words spoken to me by you and her, finding out the suspicions I had are true and now the trust that was there blindly has been lost.
I spent over 12 hours doing research and speaking with professional on this, that there can NEVER be a WHO!
The age old who did what first.. in this situation that is not so simple.
It seems that as being most diligent about myself, there is no guarantee’s that there is ever 100% anything! being told that there is a “Grey Area” of about 6 to 8 months!!! I was like then why have all these so call safety nets for you and the person you are in a relationship with.. as told by a friend~when you leave, are you 100% sure he/she is alone??
When you look someone in their eyes and ask. Those questions, you believe that what was told you was the truth but as I found out that is not what happened and I was lied to on a few occasions.
The facts are, this has marked all of us and in some way we will always be, but my issues is this.
Why lie in the first place, placing blame on me without all the facts in and then you should have made an rational decision on what should be done first but you didn’t and the total disrespect for me and showing your true self as well as hers.
If you wanted a fling? something casual?? or were you thinking about playing the player role? then as a grown ass man, you should have said No to me, us!..
If you wanted Me then you should have said NO to her.. it’s that simple.
The other mark is possibly left on all of us, well one of us is for sure is marked by this….


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