You Should Have Said Something, Anything

You should have said somethingjust-a-memory. But you didn’t. Instead you let yourself get in the way, have you Ever thought about how all of this has been on me?.. No, of course not it’s always about You.
You let it ingratiate itself, “Her pain, Your hurt” in between Us and you let go of me. You should have listened to me for once, my hurt, my side in all of this. You could have done so much but you chose to do nothing, NOTHING!
You could have said ANYTHING, SOMETHING But instead, you caved and said nothing. You straight up forgot I even existed…because if I did exist in that thick skull of yours you would have kept my words in the back of your head. You disrespected me. You showed me that all I ever was nothing to you. Was it worth it?, hurting me, does it give you back what you felt I took from you? Was it worth this? I just don’t understand it. I don’t understand you. All I know is you should have said Something.


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