Soft Screams or Blank Pages….

I feel blank, like my brain is white paper and the words are no longer written in visible ink.
My words are my outlet from the never-ceasing river of thoughts that flows endlessly through my mind.
My friend told me she has no problem clearing her mind and thinking of nothing.
How does one think of nothing?
My mind never stops.
I like work because the distraction is so immense that I have zero minutes to devote to anything or anyone but thoughts rush in as I see the “what could have been”blank-page.
I busy myself with the problems of my “now life” and dealing with the reality of my “past life”.
My mind is never empty, and it often feels like a curse.
Like an evil entity stepped into my life and curse me with the “gift” of always thinking.
So many words and only a minute few end up on the white page that is my voice.
There is solace in a voice but only a little because it screams out so softly that it sometimes drowns in
all the other outcries.


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