And This is why I Blog……

Blogging has always been something I’ve wanted to do; a journal of my life to share with the world.
I am OBSESSED with writing, so naturally I like to write about anything and everythinglong-distance-wrong-distance that has any sort of impact on me.
That’s what I will use this for.
I hope to share with you all, my dreams and disasters; my wins and failures; my “Oh my fucking GOD!” and my “Life is Beautiful” moments”; when I feel lowest low and when I feel the highest high, I’m untouchable (take that statement how you want); most of all I look forward to sharing the simple things that I love and the simple things I hate — and everywhere in between of course.
I am a very passionate woman with stories that may frighten or enlighten you.
I hope to do both. So here it goes…..


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