Memory of You

We kissed goodbye and went our separate ways but the memory of you, of us lingers on. We still can’t let go of Us, of Joey and Wrennie and yes, things are different but somehow the same between us. We still talk, text G’mornins/G’nights, meet for lunch/dinner, watch movies and then fall again into “Our”miss-you-terribly comfortable kisses, the tender caresses and the passionate lovemaking.
You have said you still have “our” memories filling your thoughts…So do I, they haunt me as well and tonight is one of those nights. Missing you sometimes catches up with me, sweeps me in its path and leaves my body sprawled on a desert dune and my soul lost in a labyrinth of space and time.

I’ll miss you ’till another day brings you back to me once more, if only for the night.


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