Me, several months later….

It has been several months since I posted anything but I have been writing, I have been scrolling through my blog in the last few months.

Some of my posts, I have learnt from, some of them have made me laugh or cry and some made me lose hope in humanity

(wow, that escalated quickly!)


ANYways, this is not what my post is about. I am doing the “IN” thing and I have been asked by friends/family and “males” in general about what I am looking for in a man. So I’m making a list of attributes that I find incredibly attractive in men as well as qualities that I look for in a significant other.

Reasons for the list format:

a) People are lazy and don’t want to read heavy text based blog posts

b) I am lazy and don’t want to write a heavy text based blog post.

So…here we go! I can’t give a number just yet as I haven’t gotten that far…lets see what happens:

1. Nice teeth. No snaggle tooth or missing teeth. I have a freakish obsession with people and their oral hygiene. Nice teeth make me want to kiss you

2. Kindness. The genuine kindness that comes from within from a man who actually give a damn

3. Intelligence. Being able to hold a conversation and have insightful input is apparently hard to come by. If I have to sit through one more “Um…but…so, blah blah, over amount of profanity, um ahh well”
I am going to throw a dictionary at you.

4. Enthusiasm. For anything really. When a man speaks about something that he is passionate about, it’s incredibly sexy!.

5. Healthy lifestyle. Need I say more? I look after my body both in the gym and the kitchen…He should do the same.

6. Quirks/imperfections. I am a sucker for a guy that has some or other “flaw” as some would call it. A scar, being a neat freak, shyness/cockiness/sarcastic wit…its damn cute!

7. Love of animals

8. Good relationship with family…this is important to me as I have a good relationship with my family

9. Good relationship with God. I hate saying religion. I have a relationship with God. And that is something I am looking for in a guy.

10. A good smile…kind of goes hand in hand with the teeth thing…

11. A hugger. I love hugs. Doesn’t matter from what direction you are coming at me: Front, side, back, lifting me up, tackling me to the ground…just give me some hugs!

12. Also, cuddles. I like to cuddle.

13. Be interested in a variety of things.

14. Someone who I can be silly with…I am a klutz. And more often than not, I say the most awkward/blunt, more then often things at the most awkward times. I am outspoken…so someone who can join me in my silly/blunt life…awesome!

15. Tattoos: I like! BUT…not a prerequisite. Just don’t judge me because of mine.

16. Dancing. You don’t have to be good at it, just go out and have fun…perfect.

17. Drive. either by car or motorcycle. The type of ride that makes you want to be see more and go to the little out of the way place. He must never settle for the mundane.

18. Love…a man who can openly say that they love you, they love their family, the love that chocolate brownie that they just inhaled…you know…the ability to voice feelings and not be ashamed of them.

19. A sense of adventure. I would love to go on a spontaneous road-trip, or random all night star gazing mission or white water raft down some river in a two man canoe, with a backpack filled with snacks and wine.

20. Must love kids…a guy that is good with kids…*swoons*

21. Well groomed. Dudes: I take care of my face and hair. You can do the same.

22. An open mind. The world is not black and white. Its all kinds of shades of grey in between (And I am not talking about 50 Shades of Grey)

23. On that note though…Chemistry. It happens in that look that you share thats just a fraction of a second longer than usual, the slight brush of hands as you walk…chemistry is a must.

24. Friendship…I want to date/marry my best friend. Someone who knows me inside and out and STILL wants to spend their life with me

25. The appreciation of the finer things in life: Good coffee, art, music, theatre, good food and wine….etc etc etc

26. Lastly (see I told you we would get to a number!), the quality that I look for in a man, that is probably the most important quality is honesty and trust. I want to know that I can trust you with my life. I want to know that your word is true…even if the truth will hurt me, tell me.I don’t want to play games, so if you play them to get what you want, then you are dishonest.

Feel free to add or take away from this list. To me…I do have a specific look that I like, Green or Hazel Eyes, Must be Taller then me, Athletic, And now the Dislikes…No red heads, No Hispanic or Black men. NO Big SMO’s or Federline’s, you know what I mean!. Don’t judge, I’m being honest, not racist or mean.

As a human, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but beauty must please my eyes.

I don’t care about how much money you make or the car you drive.

I care about the person you are today and the person you want to be, the life you desire and work for, the love you posses and share with those around you.

That is all.

Aaaaaand that is my two cents.


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