Body and Soul/Soul and Body-One

Our soul is as sensitive as our body. If we have a little cut on our skin, our whole body can feel pain, and if we don’t treat the cut, it can get infected. The same with our soul, as we go through our life, it can get hurt by all kinds of feelings that we let inside of us, like sadness, disappointments, happiness, guilt, love, anger, hurt, jealousy, loss.. etc and if we don’t address that in time, that hurt/pain can progress and lead to depression and other changes, not only in our mind, but body as well.

As you probably heard, our body and our soul is one. We can’t feel completely happy when our body hurts and the same with our soul- we can’t feel energetic and full of life, when we have pain inside of us that is not being released.

So, to live in harmony and peace, we have to align our soul with our body, by not only living healthy, but also feeding our soul with positive thoughts, that promotes loving and healing.


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