When did we stop using our mouths as conduits for our hearts?

I want, I need and I am ….
Replaced with canned responses
Feeling-less quips (mistaken for wit and candor)
We speak through filters
Truth imprisoned behind bars of self doubt
Worried that if we say what we mean and mean what we say we might reveal something




About ourselves

But what if…

What we think of as unseemly and unsafe and unattractive

Is actually

What if when we open our mouths and let the pieces of ourselves fall into the light, we are creating worlds of experience and empathy and earth shattering beauty?

And what if our failures and faults and fuck-ups are the catalysts for change and hope and growth?
Reach into those shadow ridden corners where you hide the scariest secrets, your most dear terrors and wrench them free from their shackles.

Scream your joy and sing your sorrow.
Whisper your madness, and harangue the hills with your laughter.
But above all, don’t you dare slip quietly along letting the uniqueness of your human experience be shuttered by an invisible filter.
Open your mouth and let your heart speak.


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