Motivations/Inspirations for the New Year/New You


I have no words for this blog, only this picture that I came across this morning…It says everything that I am thinking, everything that I am feeling and everything that I want out of life.

For this week, I want everyone and including myself to take a few moments and realize that we don’t have time for the constant “next time” responses. We don’t get a second chance in life to have another life. This is it!
There is a quote that says, “You have two lives, the second one starts when you realize that you only have one life.”

I want everyone on this small blue speck in the vast amazing, wonderful universe to take more risks, say yes too more, listen to earnestly to what people are saying and then go with your gut, Love truly, freely and deeply, give every part of you and expect the same to be given back. Don’t settle for mediocre, you were created for so much more than that.

Mediocre is not an option. In life, love, work, happiness…in any aspect of your life!
Be the amazing person that you were designed to be and do not ever, under any circumstances, apologize for being 100% you.


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