Lessons I’ve learnt so far…


Sometimes I lie in bed and do mental lists. Lists of things I love, things I want to do, places I want to visit, people I want to see and things I hate.

Life is an endless list and my head is a constantly moving slideshow. So in the true spirit of list making, I thought I’d do a list of the top 70 plus things I love, hate, fear, dream of and me… it’s all here from chihuahua loving to the adamant hater of ignorance . So here begins my list:

1. In my heart of hearts, I am a hopeless romantic.

2. I dream of a better tomorrow for me, for the world I live in and for those who have not yet experienced the beauty of life.

3. When I hear anything from Justin Beiber, it makes me feel like nails on a caulk board moment.

4. I really don’t like minestrone soup.

5. My favorite time of day is sunset. I love sunrise, but I’m always at work to greet it.

6. I do sing in the shower and it’s horribly bad.

7. Sometimes I have waking dreams about how I want my life to look.

8. Salted Caramel is like the best invention…EVER!

9. I have nightmares

10. I am terrible at parallel parking.

11. I find it hard to care about people easily, but when I do I am faithful to a fault.

12. I love pigs but I wont eat them.

13. I hate cooked spinach.

14. There isn’t a day that doesn’t goes by that I’m not happy.

15. I love to laugh – laughter is supposed to be the cure for most things.

16. I’m afraid of the dark.

17. I am really impatient, but it’s something that I am working on.

18. I have a fear that I will never find love again.

19. At one point in my life, I owned over 300 pairs of shoes.

20. I love it when Pandora is on random play and you come across a song that you haven’t heard in forever and it makes you smile.

21. I hate to be misunderstood by others.

22. I’ve finally shared my secret, that held me in fear for over twenty years.

23. I love my family.

24. My heart was broken to the point that I thought it would never heal, not only by someone I loved but someone who I thought was a true friend.

25. I love orgasms, but really who doesn’t.

26. I hate cowards.

27. I cry at sad movies.

28. I believe that emoticons should be used in all forms of non-corporate communication, to avoid confusion and misunderstanding! 🙂

29. I love hippo’s.

30. I like to watch cartoons

31. I once hand fed a giraffe and it was awesome!

32. I love candles that smell like the ocean.

33. I don’t believe that anything can be solved with violence. Even if I have been so mad that I could just….

34. I’ve read all the holy books from the 3 main religions.

35. I watched, “Old Yeller” and it made me cry openly.

36. I am very loyal.

37. I miss dancing. I used to dance all the time and now I feel silly.

38. I live in an age of blogging, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram… I missed the time when we connected more face to face and now it’s all digitize and yet I feel more alone then I ever did.

39. Sometimes I’m overly sarcastic!

40. I’m overly confident.

41. I love getting a manicure/pedicure.

42. I can make lasagna from scratch.

43. I can also make cupcakes from scratch – NO box crap for me!

44. I like sunflowers.

45. I like Daniel Craig’s ~James Bond~come on, you knew I was going there!

46. I love the colors from Coral to Orange.

47. I love poetry and prose.

48. I enjoy a good mental challenge.

49. I like hugs and cuddles – it’s nice to feel connected.

50. Cod is probably my least favorite seafood.

51. My heart is very fragile and I often wear it on my sleeve.

52. I hate creamed corn.

53. Coleslaw on a burger is awesome!

54. I am constantly waging a war of over-analyzing “Everything” in my mind.

55. I have a fear of failure.

56. I love the movie, Hotel Transylvania!

57. Middle Eastern food is so delicious!

58. I love Falafel and Baba ghanoush!

59. I have an incredible memory and it frightens me.

60. I love the bohemian 70’s~Peace, Love, Freedom.

61. I like the word “Serendipity”. I think it is melodious.

62. I love being near the beach.

63. I enjoy reading.

65. My favorite pair of shoes is actually flip flops.

66. Ignorance make me angry and frustrated.

67. I love to find happiness within everyday life.

68. My favorite song at the moment is I feel Eternal, by Speck Mountain.

69. I cook from the heart.

70. I dream that I could give up my day job and follow my dream.

71. I am passionate about personal and social change, they go hand in hand.

72. I fear those who are close-minded.

73. My guilty pleasure is chocolate-covered gummy bears.

74. A walrus once slobbered on me.

75. I really love reading.

76. I like the color pink.

77. Tulips, Tiger Lilies, Orchids are some of my favorite flowers.

78. I love Chihuahuas~mostly my baby~Spike.

I am Me!


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