Creature Of very Bad Habits

Never ever ever would I have thought that I would be writing a post like this. I have always said that I am not a creature of habit and that I will never fall into habits or routines.

Alas, I have noticed that I am a creature of habit and that I have some very strange habits. Or rituals. Maybe I should call them rituals instead.

These are just some of the things that I have noticed that I do:

  • I never let the kettle boil properly before making my tea. I boil it halfway, pour that in, have a cup of tea (that doesn’t burn my mouth) and then I make another tea with the water that has been boiled.
  • I have to have my first coffee facing the sun
  • I bath. I was never one to bath and preferred a shower but since my assault…I am a bathing queen!
  • I have to take a sip of whatever it is I am drinking before I put it down
  • I keep water in my mouth like a baby. Before I swallow it. I have no idea how this habit developed
  • This is a weird one…I pull out my left butt cheek when I pee. Again, NO idea where this came from
  • As soon as I get home in the afternoon: Shoes off, bra off, pants off.
  • I like eating out of any container
  • I like cleaning my ears with ear buds. Daily
  • I have to put Vaseline on my lips after I have brushed my teeth
  • Before I go to sleep at night I need to play Township before I can sleep
  • I cocoon. All my pillows and blankets must be tucked around me in just the right way before I can sleep
  • I count steps. No matter where I am, I count steps
  • I wait until the last possible moment to wash dishes
  • I make a ninja sound when I yawn
  • I always sit facing the crowd when I am in a restaurant. Preferably with a wall behind me
  • I name things in my apartment. I had a cactus called Sir Reddington and a gold plated Skull called Maxwell the Third. And I did speak to them
  • When I get dressed it has to go in this order: panties, bra, pants/skirt and the top. If its a dress then its different. But panties always first
  • I always count my stairs up and down to my apartment. Its 12 and 6 in case anyone was wondering

I am sure I have very many other habits that I just haven’t listed here like singing really badly all the time and doing stupid dances all the time.


But the thing is…we all have habits and routines that we don’t even notice. We do things that we will probably never notice that we do. I was only recently told that I ninja yawn. I had no idea!

The thing is…these are the things that make you, you. They are your quirks and oddities and “flaws”. I say embrace them!

Embrace the fact that you drink like a toddler and speak to objects in your house.

Also, have fun with it! Don’t hide it! Don’t hide you…cause you, my friend, are perfect in all your imperfect ways!


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