This is a my journey from being alone in my fears about my past, the evil that was placed/done to me, the façade I had shown to the world for far too long.
Lost in my fear that someone/anyone would see through my mask and see the “real me”.
My pain, hurt, embarrassment, shame, anger..The victim of a sexual assault~25 years ago.
This is a blog on finding Myself, Love, Dealing with Loss, Memories~Good and Bad, Believing in Dreams, Hopes and Wishing for a better reality, being a better Human , Mother, Sister and Daughter and Friend and having the strength to face the world without my mask.
I have always believed in LOVE
The fairy tales I use to read as a little girl, finding my prince charming, being blissfully in love and living happily ever after, they are all true. Its just timing and being secure with yourself and to live without fear, doubt and having to realize, I found myself and that perfect love and then it was gone, but I still have me and I still believe in LOVE , it just wasn’t the right time or man?.
Please leave comments and if any one of my random thoughts touches your soul, say what you couldn’t say or write then please feel free to use it.


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