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Everyone is Clueless

None of us know what we are doing.


None of us have done this before. This thing called life. There is no script, no re-runs, no preparation for what is coming, what has been and what is.

We. Are. Clueless!

How fantastic is that? I mean, just think about it. If none of us know what is going on, if none of us have any idea what to expect and how to react in the most perfect way: Then we are all together in the madness. We are all together in this mess and that is 100% awesome!

Ha! Here I am, thinking that everyone has it figured out but me. I have been obsessing over the fact that I feel like a lost fart in a perfume factory while everyone around me seems to be doing exactly the right thing. But…you’re not. You are just making the best of what has been given to you.

You are, if anything, just as much a lost fart as I am!

Halleluja! hahaha! You have no idea how great this makes me feel.

Embrace the mess. Embrace the chaos. Embrace the uncertainty.

This is life! The one and only life that we have been given and we are meant to stumble through it, bumping our head sometimes…possibly falling flat on our faces. But then there are moments…moments of pure unrivaled epicness. Moments where you sail…where you catch a beat and dance the shit out of it!

Its all part of the rhythm of life. Its all part of finding the rhythm that works for you…and even when that rhythm is a bit out or if you miss a few steps, you will find it again.


Just keep dancing. And promise me that while you do, you will smile. Because lets face it, we are all clueless idiots each dancing to our own beat that no one else can hear.