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Being Single Isn’t Easy?!?

That’s What They Say?


How often do we hear people say ‘ Being single sucks’? How often do we hear single people say ‘being single sucks’?

Being single isn’t easy. Not easy at all.

I mean, in the middle of the night you just want to have a random conversation with someone. You have no one.

You have no one to tell your little achievements and failures of the day.

You have no shoulder to cry on.

You are hungry, and nobody to get you food or cook for you.Nobody to make you keep you warm in the cold night. Nobody to buy you little gifts. Nobody to celebrate with.

They will tell you hundred times to find someone, to come out of your solitude. They will pity you when you will make a joke of yourself saying I have no one to talk to. They will make you want someone more than you actually need.

But what they won’t tell you this…

When in the middle of the night you have no one to talk to. Think. There will always be one person to hear you, to make you feel okay. Love that person.

You have no one to share your little achievements and failures. Well, the celebration of your achievement is all yours. Love yourself.

When nobody is there to buy you food. Maybe, you will learn to cook. When nobody is there to drive you to a place. You will learn to handle the transit system or maybe just buy a cheap hoopdee to get you to point A to B. You will have no one to warm you up, buy yourself a new lovely jacket and get over it. You will become strong.

When your T.V. won’t work or your power goes off, you will have nobody to call. Maybe, you will learn to troubleshoot the T.V. yourself and handle the slight power cuts. Know your worth.


Nobody there to go on a date, maybe you will invest this time in doing something for yourself. All the time you have been wasting in the long conversations, maybe you will learn something new. Take yourself out on an awesome date! Every experience will count.

You will cry, thinking you have no one to make love to, no one to rely on. But, cry once, louder and longer. But then, become strong.

You have no one to pamper. Pamper yourself! Maybe, you will learn to act like a grown-up and take your responsibility yourself. Don’t be a spoilsport for all your life.

There is no one do men’s job (take the garbage out or kill that spider in the bathtub) in your life. Maybe, you will learn that this is what equality is all about. What people are fighting for, you are having it in peace. Value that.

Nobody will drop you and pick you up from your place. Maybe, you will learn that’s what independence all about. Be Brave.

Nobody will tell you how pretty you look today. Well, nobody will either tell you that your lipstick is too dark, or your eyeliner is too thick, or your skirt is too short. You will have a chance to be yourself. So, be yourself.

Nobody there to make love to you, well, there are ten people waiting right there to do it in 10 different ways. Please yourself!

Nobody will make you cry for no reason, judge you for your opinions, no one will tell you to eat less, eat more, eat slow, join a gym, wear this, no don’t wear that, change your dress, keep your lipstick light, grow your hair long, don’t cut your hair, don’t talk so much, talk slow, don’t talk to them, talk to them, don’t go there, don’t be so open, act your age, have fun, be mature and blah blah blah.

Will you not value the time when you can accept yourself, just the way you are? Can you bring out what you actually are, without caring for the opinion?

Maybe, you will be glad to find the true you. Only if you make it about you.

Maybe.Just maybe. Only if you realize being single means everything in life is about you. Will you underestimate yourself?


Being single isn’t easy, but it is being strong. And, once you become strong, being single is super easy.


The Plan…

What I thought was going to happen when I moved to Denver, compared to what has actually happened is probably the biggest brain fart I have ever had.


Meaning: I could not have been more wrong!


First, let me put it out there: Moving is easy. Packing up your life, having all your things stolen, doing all the administrative type of things, saying good-bye and getting on a plane: Piece of cake.


Actually living in another state and trying to find your feet: Not so much.

No one wants to hear this, and no one says it because of some stupid “code” or pride or whatever…but it is HARD trying to build a new life in a new City or state. It is an emotional roller-coaster that does not slow down or stop. It just keeps twisting and turning and hurtling along and all you can do is hold on and not puke.

When I landed here, I had it all planned out. I was going to spend 2 weeks getting over the hell I went through, relax a bit, help out with my friends Jodi/Miles, David, Tina, and Maria, spend some quality time with myself, convince Rommey to move ASAP and basically just come to terms with the fact that there is no return flight and that this was not a holiday.

Then, I got on the plane with my pupper, Spike and we flew into Denver and everything would just fall into place.

I would find a job, doesn’t really matter where, because I have skills and I don’t do drugs that is apparently very much needed in these parts.

I would then find a nice place to stay and decorate it with the few items I brought with me and create a home for myself.


Then I planned on joining a gym, get my body back into shape, find a tanning salon, make some new friends and who knows, maybe even meet a nice guy…

Everything was supposed to fall into place. Because that is how I planned it. That is how I saw it happen in my head. The Plan was the only thing keeping me from completely freaking out. I needed The Plan to work.


The Plan did not work. Parts of it did, but the majority did not.

Thing is…I have been on my own and independent for a very long time. I have lived on my own, had my own car, paid my own bills, lived my own life on my own terms for years now. I hate having to rely on other people for help.

I hate having to depend on other people for anything.

I hate that I cannot financially support myself.

I hate not being able to work.

I hate not having my own house.

I hate not having my own car.

I hate feeling like I am completely useless.

Currently, I have applied for basically all the jobs in Denver. All of them. Because I WANT to work. I like working! I know that is a weird thing to say, but I really do like working. I have not worked for 3 months now and I am beginning to get on my own nerves now. Doing yoga helps a lot with that as I can work out my frustrations and playing tourist just to get me out of the house and speak to people.

But it is not enough. Look, I love my friends and I appreciate it so much that they are supporting me in every way possible…but I don’t want to be a burden on them. I don’t want them to begin resenting me and thinking that I am not making a conscious effort to get a job and move out and start providing for myself again.

I don’t want to disappoint them and I don’t want to disappoint me.

I have actually reached a point where I am terrified of opening my emails because of all the rejection emails from jobs that I have applied for. Jobs that, with my qualifications and my experience, I should be getting interviews for. Yet…I either hear nothing, or I immediately get an email saying that my application was rejected due to the high volume of applications received.


Being unemployed does not work for me. I feel utterly useless and pathetic. My brain needs to be stimulated! My brain needs to work! I NEED to work!


So in an attempt to approach this whole working thing from a different angle, I have decided to stop and wait for the career, not just a job.


I’m now gainfully employed with a financial institution. I’m not starting at an entry level and I have opportunities and room for advancement,  but I am hoping that this career will give me when is all done and the freedom to grow my career and have my life up and running that will get some peace of mind and give me financial relief and will help me get my name out there for future opportunities.


As vain as this sounds, and if you know me you know that I am probably the least vain person out there, but… I am good at what I do. I am an excellent manager and my background in finance, has helped me with my career choice. I know how to speak to people and I truly care about what I’m doing is the right thing. My ethics for myself and my career and the company I work for is very important to me. I know how to work with people, especially in helping them get their lives, goals off the ground.

I did not come here to be a failure. I came here for a better life. I came here to start over…best-photo-manipulation-tutorials-1

Everyone keeps telling me that I must just be patient, that things will happen when they are meant to happen and that I must just relax… Well, you know what? I can’t relax. I can’t sit around and wait for this proverbial “it will happen when it is meant to happen” crap. I have put myself out there in every way possible. Hell, I even thought that Tinder would edge things along a little bit… BIG mistake. If anything, Tinder just made me even more despondent on the finding a partner front.

I know that my friends and family will support me in anything that I do. I know that I will have a roof over my head for as long as I need it…and for that I am eternally thankful.

What I do want though…is a little bit of my independence back.

I left everything behind. I came here with practically nothing. I want to start building my life back up again…because quite frankly, from where I am sitting now, I am humiliated. I mean, I am the girl that kicked many manipulative, cheating assholes, I’m the woman that went through being assaulted  by 3 unknown assailants,  got through being in the hospital on and off  for 4 weeks, due to my injuries and basically had to learn to walk outside again, I’m the woman that has been dealt blow after blow and still I fight on.

I don’t  compare or cry and make other people feel sorry for me, bad things happen to good people…Don’t let it use you as a crutch but take your pain and wear it as your light because you have walked through many days and nights in darkness.


All I need is that one break. That one crack that will let even just one beam of light through.


I did not give up everything to end up with nothing. Things may not be going according to The Plan…but then again when has anything in my life gone according to plan?


Time for those big girl panties and a good helping of: “Fake it till you make it!